Wine logistics



Based on many-year experience, Alsante Group offers a complete set of services concerning alcoholic drinks and beverages from supplier directly to your warehouse.


Alsante SIA Group has many years’ experience in transportation of excise goods and in cooperation with the advanced excise warehouses Baltic countries, with our help customers are able to store alcoholic beverages from the EU as well as from third party countries without paying excise duty.


Услуги по обработке акцизных товаров:


  • Контроль качества товара и стандартов соответствия в момент приемки и оправки грузов;
  • оклейка акцизными марками и этикетками;
  • хранение и учет акцизных марок;
  • Комплектация грузов, упаковка и отправка клиенту в сооветствии с заказом;
  • Паллетирование грузов;
  • Температурный контроль хранения.