All goods transported by Alsante Group SIA are insured according to the CMR Convention.


Alsante Group SIA represents the client's interests in the companies Achmea, Baltikums, Balta and for additional customer request cargo is insured against all kind of risks.

Cargo insurance is required for minimizing the risk in the international transportation of the goods. Violations during the transportation can lead to goods’ being lost to spoilage, damage, and theft. Insurance of the goods means protection in the process of moving goods, as well as provides additional safety.

The company Alsante Group will carry additional cargo insurance for the transportation of goods "door to door". We offer the best rates and insurance.


Terms of insurance:


  • Responsible for all risks
  • Limited liability
  • No liability for damage


Additional risks:


  • Theft, burglary, robbery actions, and other illegal actions from third party persons
  •  Handling


Other risks:


  • Accident